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Welcome to Radio Free California. Here you’ll find the random rantings of a Christian, libertarian, gun-rights advocate trapped behind the lines in what’s left of a once-vibrant, successful state. Mostly, you’ll here about all the things I find interesting or unnerving that my wife doesn’t want to hear about….

Starting with Senator Ben Hueso’s SB 899 “Equal Gender Pricing” bill, which purports to rectify the injustices inflicted on women (or anyone wanting a “girly” color of anything, I guess) by companies charging more for “gender-based marketing”. Ok…

First of all, I’m glad we have no other problems in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia. We are finally getting down to the really gritty, important issues of pink scooters and pastel pants. And I was still worried we had crime, budget, and water problems not to mention the constant rumbling of U-Haul trucks heading to Texas with our small businesses.

Maybe Senator Hueso has never purchased anything from Amazon? When I bought children’s mittens this winter, each color variant was priced differently. Men’s jeans are priced differently by color. Take a look around – pretty much any product is priced differently based on color.

Before we get to the core of the matter, think about the practical enforcement of this bill if it becomes law. Who gets to decide if the price difference is based on a gender bias? Who decides which colors are associated with a particular gender? Will certain colors or combinations be specified? Will we need a Gender Bias Color Committee in Sacramento to make final determinations? It’s either completely unenforceable, or it becomes a Katie-bar-the-door free for all, allowing virtually any company to come under attack for following market forces rather than government dictate when setting prices.

Have we become so economically challenged that we no longer understand supply and demand? Did Senator Hueso ever think that some products may sell many more blue than pink items, but it costs the same to market the pink so the cost per unit is higher? Could some colors cost more to manufacture, or require more attention to achieve a quality result during production? And did the good Senator ever consider that, rather than lower the cost of the offending products, companies will simply raise the cost of all products?

I’m not doubting the price difference. But in what’s left of our free market economy, companies can’t get away with price gouging for long. If company A charges more for a pink yo-yo than necessary to cover expenses and a small profit, company B will quickly charge less and take the sales.

If you really want to see some price gouging, hang around for a while after this bill becomes law. All consumers will feel the pain of “equality”.

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