I have a friend who will likely vote for Hillary. He doesn’t like Trump because he had a TV show. And because Mark Cuban says he’s lying about being a billionaire.

I don’t like him much either, but I’m not sure I’m going to believe that Cuban has any particular insight into Trump’s finances. And I’m not sure why people can’t figure out why a real estate mogul would have a lot of debt. Pretty sure you get rich in real estate with leverage… as Fancy Nancy would say, “that’s a fancy word for debt”.

Now we get the FBI report on Hillary’s email crimes. I call them crimes because anyone with a clearance knows she broke the rules. Seriously, this is a woman who has spent most of her adult life in government with a security clearance, and people actually believe she didn’t know the emails were classified??

Let’s see. I’m Secretary of State. I’m emailing about things other countries shouldn’t know. Pretty sure I could guess they are at least Secret… isn’t that the definition of  a secret? Something you don’t want someone else to know? I can tell you this, having had a much lower security clearance than Hillary for the last three decades – she knows the rules. She knew them then. She knows them now. If she really didn’t know, in her position, after holding a security clearance for decades, than she has no business being a clerk at TSA much less the President of the United States.

And Trump is a liar? Seriously folks?


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